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Daniel Hoffmann Bernardes Personal Profile

About me

Hi, I am Daniel Hoffmann Bernardes and this is my personal website where I can showcase my open-source projects. Currently I work at Ícaro Technologies where I work as a full-stack web-developer.

Coding projects

jQuery BigText

An open source plugin for the jQuery Javascript library that allows the creation of texts that fit perfectly inside a HTML container both vertically and horizontally. Contrary to common implementations of this functionality this implementation does not use a loop that decrements the font-size until the text fits (each decrements triggers the re-rendering of the element, which can happen hundreds of times), this plugin calculates the right size and only changes the font-size once, increasing the performance by orders of magnitude. Written in Javascript and licensed under the MIT license.

jQuery SVG Pan Zoom

An open source plugin for the jQuery library that provides drag and drop interaction to an SVG image inlined in a HTML file. This plugin is generic and can be used with any SVG enabled library like D3.js or Highcharts. Written in Coffeescript and licensed under the MIT license.

Among its features include:

Scene Creation Using Augmented Reality

My graduation project at the University of São Paulo, a system for creation of interactive scenes using augmented reality with physics simulation. This little project allows the placement of several types of objects inside a “scene” by using markers printed in paper sheets positioning objects and positioning them in the view of a WebCam, after the objects are positioned the user can turn on the physics (ie turning the gravity and collisions on) and watch the objects interact with each other. The system uses a central marker that defines the “floor” and the gravity of the scene and all objects added to the scene keep their positions relative to this central marker.


You can reach me at my email: daniel.hoffmann.bernardes at